Employment/ Internship Opportunities

We currently have no open full time opportunities. However, we often have internships and work experience positions available. Please email Alana Valero (alana@pangealink.org) for further information. 

PANGEA—End of an Era

A parting gift to the community!

Since 2008, PANGEA has worked with businesses, governments, NGOs and academia to promote sustainable bioenergy production and use in Africa. As of COP21, the needs of PANGEA's membership and the countries themselves have evolved and PANGEA is no longer needed. We thank all of our members, colleagues and supporters for more than 7 years of hard work and with the region success in its energy transition.

As our parting gift to the community, our Knowledge Base that was previously only available to paying members will now be open to the public until April 2016. If you wish to get in touch with our Secretary General, you can do so at meghan@planetenergynow.com