Braun Was the First Electric Shaver Company Supporting Green Grooming

With the world concerned about the increasing population and the resulting increase in landfill debris, Braun has been one of the first men’s electric shaver companies to embrace the green living concept. Living green means taking a minimum from the earth, and recycling what you don’t need. Green living can decrease greenhouse gases which have a negative impact on the earth’s ozone layer—that layer that protects us from the harmful rays of the sun. Decreasing our carbon footprint is important for our future generations.

Besides decreasing these emissions from small and large appliances and electronics, many cities have established recycling facilities where appliances are taken apart for their individual components, which are then sold back to factories for a low price.

As the best electric shaver portal reported, back in 2007, Braun was the leader in producing men’s “green grooming” products. Braun began by creating an electric shaver brand line that has Energy Star Qualified battery chargers. These chargers are more efficient, requiring less energy to run than the traditional older model of Braun shavers. Less energy to run also means a lower electric bill for consumers.

The Energy Star rating was originally created in 1992 by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Products must qualify in order to achieve this labelling. They must adhere to a special set of strict guidelines that have been written up by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy.

Energy Star also means that the products have been designed with the best efficiency in mind. This can also include minimizing materials, which can make a shaver heavier, and thus cause an impact on greater energy consumption.

It’s not just the USA that has adopted the Energy Star label either. It is also Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and the EU who have also adopted this program. It has also been proven that sales will be higher for appliances of this rating, as consumers are always looking for ways to save money on their hydro electric bills. You can find a list of manufacturers and countries online who support the Energy Star rating.

Braun is a well-respected engineer and manufacturer of men’s and women’s electric shavers and hair trimmers. They have been in business since the early 19th century, and began as a family-owned business that survived WWII. They have a high-quality line of products besides their shaver line, including small household appliances. They also have a popular line of oral care products.

Not all manufacturer’s shavers bear this “Energy-Star” brand either. The appliance must be marked as such. While there have been other products such as kitchen appliances or air purifiers marked with this rating, Braun has stepped up first among the men’s and women’s shaver lines.

Braun has achieved the Energy Star rating on virtually their entire US electric shavers’ line, whether men’s or women’s, cordless or corded, and rechargeable. However, this is only for products that are being sold for the US market. Braun will likely conform to other guidelines as they are implemented by other countries. Perhaps that will be coming in the future, as each country develops their similar line of energy-efficient products.

Braun has achieved this rating by engineering “Smart Plugs”. These plugs are used to charge up the men’s shavers and they use 64 percent less energy than their or their competitors’ line of shavers.

Here’s just an example that the impact of lower-energy consumption shavers can have on the environment. It has been calculated that over 12,308,744 pounds of CO2 can now be prevented from being emitted into the atmosphere annually from the Braun men’s shavers line. This alone is equivalent to removing 1073 cars from the road. It could mean the planting of 1526 acres of forest land or providing light for 5861 homes for a year.

Braun has had a history of leading the men’s shavers line with the best and latest technology and innovation. They are committed to providing a quality shaver to consumers, rather than turning a buck with a cheap shaver attitude that many other manufacturers seem to have. They continue to demonstrate that they are the company who promises to produce environmentally friendly products, and to contribute to global sustainability. Their efforts have been collectively gathered together, which has created a major impact, proving that small changes can have a big impact over time.

Braun has earned this green grooming label, and continues to produce a great line of shavers like the braun series 9 and all the personal grooming products for men and women that are popular with the European and North American markets. It will be interesting to see how many more manufacturers of personal grooming products will jump onboard and attempt to get their own Energy Star product labels over the next few years.