There have been claims made that the production of biofuel has contributed to indirect land-use change (iLUC) and food price spikes. However, a 2013 World Bank report and our own ‘Who’s Fooling Whom?’ report show that the real drivers of these important issues lie elsewhere.

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Based in Brussels, PANGEA acts as a unified voice for its diverse membership; working to establish an enabling policy environment for African Bioenergy through lobbying, research, and regular events. Members benefit from:
  • our first-rate consultancy experience,
  • extensive contacts network,
  • and events management expertise;
  • while knowing that their interests are well represented at an EU-level.

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PANGEA also fights to ensure sustainability and equitability in African bioenergy production, investment and policies. We believe that broad problems of landgrabbing and displacement can best be protected by securing the regulatory environment that invites their occurrence.  Rather than unfairly condemning an entire industry, we work to attack the root causes, and welcome your help in doing so.

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